What is an electrical panel?

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An electrical panel is a box (enclosure) that inside or on it is a suitable place for installation and wiring of electrical and electronic equipment. Electric shock is used to them. The electrical panel is a device to protect electrical equipment against environmental factors.

The switchboards have 2 standard models: 1- International standard 2- American standard

In terms of voltage, switchboards are divided into two categories: MV switchboards and LV switchboards. MV switchboards are switchboards that have a voltage between 1000 and 36000 volts. LV switchboards are switchboards that have a voltage below. Be 1000 volts.

Low voltage switchboards in terms of application can be divided into 6 categories: 1. Industrial switchboards that are used in industrial units to distribute mains electricity from the switchboard. 2- Residential electricity distribution board that is used in residential units to distribute network electricity. 3- Capacitor bank switchboards that use this switchboard to correct the power consumption factor to reduce the amount and amount of power consumption. 4- Motor control panel of electric motors that use this electrical panel to control and start electric motors. 5. Electrical control panel (PLC) which is used for automatic control of electrical circuits. 6- Marshall electrical panel that provides the connection between the electrical panel and the central control panel or DCS panel.

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