Types of industrial electrical panels

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Types of industrial electrical panels

Today, industrial electrical panels are used in almost all industries. These panels are enclosures for the installation of electrical equipment. To better understand industrial electrical switchboards and electrical switchboard design, electrical switchboard assembly training by experienced professors will be of considerable help to people who are interested in working in this field. Industrial electrical panels are divided into different categories according to their application, which are introduced below:

Electrical panels include PLC with PLC Panel

Switchboards include programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, which are smaller in size than contact and relay switchboards and allow easy control and monitoring of input and output through programming.Electrical switchboards included PLC They are one of the most important and effective electrical panels and are used in various industries.

MCC or MCC Panel Engine Control Center Electrical Panels

Motor Control Center stands for Motor Control Center. MCC panels include one or more compartments with power bus that are used to install separate devices such as switches, fuses, drives, soft starters to ensure protection against short circuit, isolation and control of various loads. .

Power Distribution Panel PDF or Power Distribution Panel

Power distribution panels, while protecting against overcurrent, are responsible for distributing power to different circuits.

Automatic power factor control panels or APFC Panel

Automatic Power Factor Control stands for Automatic Power Factor Control.APFC panels have controllers based on microcontrollers that automatically change the capacitance of capacitor bank capacitors in several steps.

HMI Operator Panels or HMI Operator Panel

I Human Machine Interface stands for human-machine interface. HMI boards provide a user-friendly graphical interface for the operator and facilitate matters such as monitoring, controlling and troubleshooting equipment or production line operations.Electrical switchboardsHMI In terms of hardware, various forms such as  free standing،  wall mounted  arm mount ، are made.

SCADA or SCADA Panel panels

Abbreviation for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, which means control and data collection system. SCADA switchboards allow control and monitoring of an unlimited number of processes from multiple locations for multiple users. The main advantage of SCADA systems is that the control software is located only in the central location And all users can access the system through an application via the Internet.

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