What is the control panel of the engine?

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The terms "electrical panel" and "motor control center panel" are generally used to define a combination of enclosure, junction box, circuit breaker, power contactors, electrical fuses, protective relay, control unit and indicator.


Engine control center panel standards

The standards used in Europe often refer to IEC60050 for the definition of general terms. Unique IEC standards tend to provide more definitions of the equipment in question.


  • IEC60439 و IEC60947 For low voltage equipment
  • IEC60056، IEC60298 و IEC60694 For high voltage equipment. The older IEC 60277 standard has been abandoned.


IEC60439 is used for low voltage equipment as a set of factory structures, or FBAs for electrical switchboards and control switchboards.

These standards prefer the general terms "electrical panel" and "control panel". Control panel in the field of electrical panel training is also called "engine control center panel", which is a better known and specific term used in the oil industry.

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